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2007-2009 Board of Directors February 19, 2008

Regular Meeting Agenda

1. Call to Order and Establishment of Quorum

2. Special Appearance: Richard Birks, Novak Birks, P.C.

a. 2006 Financial Report Resolution #08-01

b. Independent Auditor’s Report
of the 2006 Financial Report
and the Independent Auditor’s Report on
Compliance and on Internal Control
over Financial Reporting

c. Response to the Independent Auditor’s Reports

d. 2006 Auditor’s Report Resolution #08-02

3. Public Appearances

4. Approval of Bills

5. Closed Session: Personnel and Legal Matters

6. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meetings:

7. Special Orders of the Day:

a. Declaration of Election: Director, 2-year term

Recess (departing remarks, oath of office, and refreshments)
Special Orders of the Day (cont’d):

b. Election of Chair/President

8. Fire Chief’s Report

9. Facility Manager’s Report

10. District Manager’s Report

11. Unfinished Business:

a. Amendment of Standing Rule #01 (Meeting Dates, Time, and Location)

12. New Business:

a. Acceptance of Donations > $300

b. Disposal of Assets > $300

c. Purchases

d. Financial and Personnel Policies

e. Authorization to File Suit Resolution #08-03

d. Replacement of 1980 Ford Fire Engine

13. Announcements:

a. Next regular meeting: March 11, 2008

14. Adjournment