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2007-2009 Board of Directors September 26, 2007

Special Meeting Agenda Welcome from our Host (decorum, restrooms, etc.) 1. Call to Order and Establishment of Quorum 2. Special Orders of the Day: a. Quo Warranto Resolution #07-24 b. Petition for Removal of Director Resolution #07-25 c. Director DePung’s facility and computer access and 9/4 letter d. Treasurer’s Report and Presentation of Bills e. Fire Chief’s Report f. Facility Manager’s Report g. District Manager’s Report h. Acceptance of Donations > $300: i. Radio antennas, etc. ii. Thermal Image Camera i. Chaplain Job Description 3. Announcements: a. Next regular meeting: October 9, 2007 b. Fire Prevention Day: October 13, 2007;