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2005: Occupancy Permit Ordinance #05-01  (Downloadable Occupancy Permit) 2006: None 2007: Emergency Services Fees Ordinance #07-01 2008: None 2009: International Fire Code Ordinance #09-01  (Downloadable Fire Code Permit)

Operations Information

The Inter City Fire Protection District is governed by a three-member Board of Directors.The Board hires a Fire Chief to run operations. Throughout the year there are many calls for service. Regardless of the type of call, the District is ready protect lives and property. For a list of calls, click here. Click here for all operations personnel For a memorium, click a name: Firefighter Jeffery Simpson or Former Fire Chief Jerry Donahoe Click here for information on a career with the District Click here for training guidelines and requirements Click here for information on District fire hydrants Click here

Meetings of the Board of Directors

Meetings of the Inter City Fire Protection District Board of Directors are held at 1702 Blue Ridge Boulevard, Blue Summit, Missouri, beginning at 6:00 p.m. on the third (3rd) Tuesday of each month. Agendas for the meetings are posted at the fire station in advance according to the Missouri Sunshine Law. Click on the date below for that meeting date’s agenda. 2010 Regular Meetings January 12 February 9 March 9 April 13 May 11 June 15 July 20 August 17 September 21 October 19 November 16 December 21 2010 Special Meetings: January 14 January 20 February 13 March 30 2009

Director Linda Kidd

1900 Blue Ridge Blvd, Lot 155 Blue Summit, Missouri 64126 816-461-1339 Linda Kidd was elected a Director on February 4, 2008 to the remainder of a two-year term that expires in April 2009. After taking her oath of office on Feburary 19, 2008, the Board of Directors elected Linda as their Chair and President of the District. Kidd was re-elected to a six-year term by the voters on April 7, 2009 and the Board re-elected her as their Chair and President of the District. Linda has been a member of the community for 10 years and feels that she has


The Board of Directors elects a Treasurer and selects an auditor. The Board approves an annual budget, the Treasurer prepares monthly reports for the Board (click on any month below), and the auditor prepares annual financial reports for the District. To view the Treasurer’s Report or bank statements, including cancelled checks, for any particular month, click on the name of the month below. For prevention of fraud, the bank statements and cancelled checks have been redacted of the following information:  bank account and bank routing numbers if the account is still open; personal information written on the face of cancelled

Director Gerald W. Cook

2026 Ashland Avenue Blue Summit, Missouri 64126 816-836-8613 Gerald Cook was first elected a Director on April 7, 2009 to the remainder of a four-year term that expired in April 2011. Gerald was re-elected on April 5, 2011 to a six-year term that will expire in April 2017. Gerald has been a member of the community for over 30 years.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are a critical component of both compensation and selection systems. Job descriptions define in writing the responsibilities, requirements, functions, duties, location, environment, conditions, and other aspects of a position. The job description is adopted by a majority vote of the Board and remains in effect until rescinded or amended. Adopted Job Descriptions: Directors Chair Vice Chair President Secretary Treasurer Fire Chief Assistant Fire Chief Facility Manager District Manager Public Information Officer Community Educator …… Read More…

Contact Us

The District’s mailing address is 1702 Blue Ridge Boulevard, Blue Summit, Missouri  64126. The District’s business telephone number is 816-461-9090; however, the station is not always staffed and therefore various contacts are listed below. AREA POSITION E-MAIL PHONE FAX Operations Fire Chief jefferyjewell@inter-city-fpd.org 816-918-3082 816-461-4611 Building and Grounds Facility Manager jefferyjewell@inter-city-fpd.org 816-918-3082 816-461-4611 Dispatcher Dispatcher jeramie.waters@gmail.com 816-606-9333 816-461-4611 Accounts Payable Treasurer 816-461-4611 Board of Directors Secretary kendralaudenslager@inter-city-fpd.org 816-726-5165 816-461-4611 Community Education Community Educator 816-4612-9090 816-461-4611 Special Assistance Chaplain chaplain@inter-city-fpd.org 816-461-9090 816-461-4611 Access to Records Custodian of Records kendralaudenslager@inter-city-fpd.org 816-726-5165 816-461-4611 Information Public Information Officer 816-461-9090 816-461-4611 Firefighters Association President TBD

Employee Benefits

District employees are supplied with a wide range of benefits. While some of these benefits are required by law, most are supplied through the Board’s dedication to its employees. Benefits are as follows: Accident and Health Insurance (Beneficiary Form) Workers Compenstation Insurance Leaves of Absence Training and Education An Alpha-numeric Pager Allowance Personal Protective Equipment (turnout gear, boots, helment, hood, gloves…) A Station Uniform Shirt

Administration Policies

Policies are deliberate plans of action to guide decisions and achieve desired outcomes. A policy can be adopted by a majority vote of the Board and remains in effect until rescinded or amended. Adopted Policies: 806 Disposal of Assets 812 Donations of Gifts 818 Public Prayer 820 Receipts (currently numbered 818 in error) 824 Purchasing 830 Reimbursements 834 Budgeting and Setting Property Tax Rates 836 Disbursements 838 Compensation and Attendance Fees 840 Allowances 842 Charge Accounts 848 Fixed Assets and Inventory 854 Physical Security 858 Information Security 860 Account Reconciliation 866 Nondiscrimination 872 Sunshine Law 884 Purchase Cards 886 Fleet