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2009 Calls

  Click on a report number to see additional information about a call, e.g., pictures, video, media reports, etc.06909/0221:13unknwonuknownGas spilluknown & Television Pl06809/0221:1321:170:04MedicalE 21st St & Stark Ave07108/3122:47unknownunknownMedicalE 16th St & Stark Ave06708/3012:3012:300:00Citzen assistE 13th St & Blue Ridge Blvd06608/2822:0022:020:02MedicalE 18th St & Hazel Ave06508/2710:5911:030:04MedicalE 18th St & Tilden Ave07008/1914:14unknownunknownMedicalE 16th St & Alice Ave06208/1222:5022:580:08MedicalE 19th St & Hazel Ave06108/0822:26unknownunknownMedicalE 19th St & Blue Ridge Blvd06008/0814:54unknownunknownMedicalE 19th St & Blue Ridge Blvd05907/3121:58unknownunknownMedicalE 17th St & Vincil Ave05807/2819:0519:010:01MedicalE 16th St & Vincil Ave05707/1611:0011:030:03Medicalunknown05607/1117:0017:030:03MedicalE 19th St & Blue Ridge Blvd05507/0314:0014:050:05MedicalE Truman Rd & Marsh Ave06407/0212:04unknownunknownMedicalE 18th St & Blue Ridge Blvd05407/0116:5016:540:04MedicalE 17th

2008 Calls

 Click on a report number to see additional information about a call, e.g., pictures, video, media reports, etc. 06212/3011:14NANAMedical-MAST OnlyE 17th St & Vincil Ave 06112/2922:1722:180:01MedicalE 17th St & Blue Ridge Blvd 06012/2716:0516:060:01Vehicle accidentE Truman Rd & Blue Ridge Blvd 05912/2711:25NANAMedical-Cancelled by JCSOE 15th St & E Alice Ave 05812/2223:05NANAMedical-AMR OnlyE Truman Rd & Blue Ridge Blvd 05712/2007:4607:510:05MedicalE 19th St & Blue Ridge Blvd 05612/1912:4612:560:10MedicalE 17th St & Vincil Ave 05512/1906:31NANAMedical-AMR OnlyE 19th St & Blue Ridge Blvd05412/1306:2006:320:12MedicalE 17th St & Alice Ave 05312/0615:5415:580:04Vehicle accidentE Truman Rd & Stark Ave05211/2915:4415:470:03MedicalE Truman Rd & Marsh Ave05111/2312:4412:460:02MedicalE 16th St & Will St05011/1714:5214:540:02MedicalE


Throughout the year, Operations receives many calls for service. Regardless of the type of call, the District is ready protect lives and property. For a list of calls, click on the year below: 2010 2009 2008