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Contact Us

The District’s mailing address is 1702 Blue Ridge Boulevard, Blue Summit, Missouri  64126. The District’s business telephone number is 816-461-9090; however, the station is not always staffed and therefore
various contacts are listed below.

Operations Fire Chief [email protected] 816-918-3082 816-461-4611
Building and Grounds Facility Manager [email protected] 816-918-3082 816-461-4611
Dispatcher Dispatcher [email protected] 816-606-9333 816-461-4611
Accounts Payable Treasurer     816-461-4611
Board of Directors Secretary [email protected] 816-726-5165 816-461-4611
Community Education Community Educator   816-4612-9090 816-461-4611
Special Assistance Chaplain [email protected] 816-461-9090 816-461-4611
Access to Records Custodian of Records [email protected] 816-726-5165 816-461-4611
Information Public Information Officer   816-461-9090 816-461-4611
Firefighters Association President TBD TBD TBD