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The Inter City Fire Protection District has a vested interest in each new firefighter
and their abilities to succeed in the fire service. The quality of District training is
progressively improving. For untrained, career-minded firefighters, the District offers
basic firefighter certification through the State of Missouri. The District also offers
in-house First Aid and CPR, along with First Responder training and certifications.

It is the goal of the District to have certified instructors for Firefighter I and
Haz-Mat Awareness. The District also plans to have instructors for Firefighter II and
Haz-Mat Operations. This training opens the door for all new firefighters to get experience
running calls and being properly trained so that they will be able to find future full-time,
paid employment.

It is also the goal of the District to provide professional fire simulation and
live burn situations. Through online training websites, the District teaches about
scenarios that this District has never seen and pre-plan for extensive operations
in the future.

One of the major advantages to becoming a new Inter City firefighter is the extensive
work and training on fire apparatus. It is the job of every Inter City firefighter
to be proficient at operating all equipment in the fire station as well as the apparatus.
New firefighters are trained to operate the pump, drive the engines, and operate as a
First Responder or Basic Emergency Medical Technician. In a typical full-time paid
organization, it could be years before new firefighters are allowed access to these

The Inter City Fire Protection District welcomes new firefighters to an exciting,
safe, and successful career in the fire service.

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employee benefits.

Below are the required forms for applicants:

· Form DOR 4681 Request From [Drivers License] Record Holder (required for applicants who will be driving)

· Form SHP-158 Request For Criminal Record Check

· Form 218-1 Employment Application

· Form 218-3 Information Release Waiver & Indemnity

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