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Proposed Water Hydrants

Water is an important resource used to extinguish fires. The District is served by the water departments of Independence and Kansas City.  

Click here to see the hydrants located in or near the District.

The location and type of water hydrants is important to the operation of the District. If hydrants are spaced too far apart, friction loss makes it difficult or impossible to pump enough water to fight fires.

The District is working on a proposal to add 9 additional hydrant locations, 8 of which are within or near the Blue Ridge Mobile Home Park (aerial view).

New hydrants cost upwards of $5,000 to install. Six-inch water mains cost about $50 per linear feet (lf).

Click the links below to see the proposed hydrant locations:

  • 1719 Stark Ave
  • 1723 Stark Ave
  • 1901 Stark Ave (200 lf)
  • 1951 Stark Ave (350 lf)
  • 1725 Stark Ave
  • 1901 Blue Ridge Blvd
  • 2043 Television Pl with all-weather path
  • 1899 McKinley Ave with all-weather path
  • 17th and Marsh Ave

To pay for the proposed additional hydrant locations, District voters approved an additional
1/2% sales tax in August 2009; however, full implementation of the above hydrants will take
upwards of 3-4 years depending on sales tax collections.