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2010 Calls

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02203/30unknownunknownunknownSmoke InvestigationE 19th St & Blue Ridge Blvd02103/2714:17NANAMedical-AMR OnlyE 18th St & Hays Ave02003/2703:3703:390:03MedicalE 17th St & Vincil Ave01903/2409:5509:570:02MedicalE 16th St & Vincil Ave01803/1321:3422:150:41Possible Vehicle FireE Truman Rd & Vincil Ave01703/1002:2502:300:05MedicalE 17th St & Vincil Ave01503/0821:4221:450:03Fire AlarmE 18th St & Hays Ave01403/0818:0018:050:05MedicalE 19th St & Blue Ridge Blvd01303/0622:2322:250:02MedicalE 22nd St & Blue Ridge Blvd01203/0418:2818:290:01MedicalE 19th St & Blue Ridge Blvd01103/0322:2422:250:01MedicalE 19th St & Hazel Ave01003/0320:3620:390:03Motor vehicleE 19th St & Blue Ridge Blvd01602/0315:0015:120:12Natural Gas LeakE 20th St & Stark Ave00902/??unknownunknownunknownuknownunknown00802/??unknownunknownunknownuknownunknown00601/2923:4500:000:15Vehicle accidentE Truman Rd & Blue Ridge Blvd00701/2110:10unknownunknownMedicalE Truman Rd & Vincil Ave00401/2020:1020:150:05MedicalE Truman Rd & Marsh Ave00501/2011:37unknownunknownMedicalE 15th St & Vincil Ave00301/1821:3700:000:13Illegal burnunknown & Tilden Ave00201/1504:0804:150:07MedicalE 19th St & Blue Ridge Blvd00101/??unknownunknownunknownuknownunknown

Report # Date Time Call Received On Scene Time Time to Scene Nature of Call Location

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