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Fire Chiefs



Over the years many men and at least one woman have served the Inter City Fire
Protection District as Fire Chief. Although most of the historical records are seemingly
lost, below is a partial list of Fire Chiefs. Please let the webmaster
know about any corrections or additional information.

2004-Present Jeffery S. Jewell
2004 Micheal Guyett
2003   Casey Vest
2003   Glenn Helverson
2002   Dan Macklin
2001   Roger Gilmore
2000 Charles “Ray” Jones
2000   Floyd Baucom
1998-2000   Aaron Johnson
1997   Stephanie J. Simpson
1995-1997   James Rice
1991-1994   Joseph C. Pace
1980-1981   William Buffalow
1978 Gerald “Jerry” Donahoe
1973   Ercell Krout